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Identity Verification & KYC

Sensity helps your company to secure and speed up your customer on-boarding process. With cutting edge AI solutions fraudsters are automatically rejected and legit customers can onboard in seconds.


Face Recognition

Authenticate and verify customers with Sensity’s facial biometric technology by matching a person’s face with an identity document submitted from desktop or mobile.


Liveness Detection

Raise the assurance level of onboarding and prevent spoofing attacks by guaranteeing that the right user is physically present during each completed verification.


On-Board your customers in seconds and safely

Reduce churn, increase speed, earn trust
the fraudsters

Our solutions can guarantee automatic rejections when spoofing signals are detected.


No human interaction is needed. The workflow is entirely automated.

Super accurate

Using machine learning and computer vision we can perform document authentication and electronic age verification to a consistently excellent level.

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Detect manipulated IDs and fraudulent documents

Detect fraudulent applications

In many industries, customer due diligence still includes JPG and PDF documents that human operators struggle to verify manually. With Sensity you can automate the entire process and improve fraud detection performance.

Reduce processing times

Validate legitimate documents in seconds and flag only what appears suspicious. Human operators are released from more than 98% of their current workload for visual verification.

Improve scalability

Scale your onboarding capacity without increasing your operational costs by using our automated review process.

On-boarding and fraud prevention solutions


Easy to implement

Get access to our API or install on your own server on premise.

Up-to-date anti-spoofing technology

Sensity proprietary AI-based technology is the market leading solution to combat new cyber threats for identity like deepfakes.

Dashboard analytics

Run all your KYC operations in an all-in-one web interface, monitoring all users activity. Analyze spoofing patterns and keep track of all spotted fraud attempts.

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